What is Saunage?

A Saunage is an incredible combo of Sauna, followed by massage. A fusion of these two treatments leads to amazing and amplified benefits from both.

A few benefits of your time in the Sauna can include; a deep detoxifying sweat, improving skin health, reducing inflammation, improving circulation, burning calories, reducing muscular tension and aiding in sleep.

Following on with your massage treatment then enhances these amazing benefits. We now finish with soothing Relaxation techniques or dive in a little deeper for a Remedial focus. The choice is yours!

With our Saunage Treatments, allow approximately 15 minutes additional time to account for consult and transition between services.


Our Saunage process

  • Sauna will be set up and ready for you with water provided.
  • You will have the room to yourself, lights can be on/off or even coloured for some ambiance.
  • You have access to turn the Sauna light on/off. If you wish to sit in darkness or to read, the choice is yours.
  • You will also be able to bluetooth link to the Sauna speaker if you'd like to listen to music.
  • Temperature can be adjusted if necessary.
  • When your Sauna has ended you will have access to a body sized hot towel to clean yourself of any sweat, then a dry towel to finish.
  • Room air con will be on to give you a nice refreshing cool to balance you out and feel amazing after your Sauna.
  • Now you'll be ready to jump on the massage table for us to complete your experience!
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